6 Best Tools to Make It Easier to Attract Customers in Your Business

Are you looking to use Instagram to promote sales? This thing can be a lot easier by looking for the user-friendly tools that are made for it. Choose the right Instagram tool from this list to improve your revenue.

  1. Pick the Shoppable Content through InSelly Hashtag

Hashtags are really the best thing to connect with Instagram users and you can make the most of InSelly hashtag. Like various platforms, #Inselly and other relevant tags are helpful to enhance your presence. It can make things easier when it comes to looking for shoppable content. It also flags the content if users are around it.  The purchase can easily be processed with PayPal and buyers can easily connect with the sellers. All you need to installsInSelly and integrate with Instagram. Sellers can easily use it for free without paying any fees or commissions. To promote content, you have to buy “coins”.

  1. Soldsie – Sell Products with Your Comments

With this tool, you can make a purchase from the Instagram news feed of the seller directly without even leaving it. This selling tool is also capable of working for Facebook. Both sellers and buyers need to integrate and install the tool with Instagram once registration with Soldsie is done. The method of “comment selling” is used to make sales.  Upload your products through the dashboard and turn the images into saleable Instagram posts. Include specific information and product information like “100% Cotton, Available in White and Blue” on all product posts.

  1. Shopseen – Sync Your Inventory across Online Stores

Shopseen is a multi-channel interface with which you can list and upload your products and get them uploaded automatically to various e-commerce stores like eBay, Shopify, Woo, and Etsy. Then Shopseen will update the inventory across most of the sales channels, automatically and consistently. They have simple selling tool which is user-friendly and good for both customers and e-commerce businesses.  With your profile link, you can create a storefront through Shopseen.

  1. Have2Have It – Connects to Your Storefront

This standalone tool lets you make sales in various ways. By knowing variety and versatility, you can easily make more sales. Instead of selling through comments, Have2Have.It allows users to send buyers to their e-commerce website by using their profile links in their bio. This tool uses conversion tracking to provide email capture data and advanced analytics. You can easily schedule your posts and connect several products to a unique image.

  1. Let sell It – Live Chat with Buyers

This app is needed by both sellers and buyers. You have to register your items with this free app and add both description and photo and it will be posted on Instagram with this app. Ask Letsell.It registered buyers to like your product’s image on Instagram. Once they do, they will be redirected to the app to complete and verify the purchase through PayPal. It will also keep an eye on all of your sales. It can easily send messages between sellers and the buyers. This way, you can answer their queries and help buyers to choose products.

  1. Like2Buy – Make a Gallery of Product Images

It is a selling tool which gives you a link to add on your Instagram profile. Once it is clicked by the user, it will connect you to your storefront. The Like2buy storefront creates the clickable image gallery of images of the products which are available. You can connect several products with one image. You can add user-generated content or use fan photos to your gallery. It is the best way to build your online presence and make new content faster and with ease.